One pound, Two pounds …. Seven pounds.

When I think about memorable movie scenes, I also think of powerful movie scenes. Ones that had a lasting effect not only in the following hours, or days, or weeks but still today. The one that first comes to mind for me is near the end of the movie in Seven Pounds. Seven Pounds was a movie staring Will Smith (who’s just flat out awesome) who was texting while driving, looked down and proceeded to hit another vehicle in a head on collision. He killed 7 people and was the sole-survivor. Since he took seven lives away he wanted to do what he could to change the lives of seven people who deserved it. He was very wealthy and had the power to do it.

In the process of doing this, he fell in love with a girl who needed a heart transplant. She wasn’t given much time to live at all. After he realized this he went back to his motel room (he gave his house away) and filled the bath tub with water and put it his box jellyfish pet in the bathtub and proceed to get in the tub with it, calling 9-1-1 reporting a suicide, and when asked who was the suicide, he said himself. He did this so that the girl that he loved would get the heart she needed to survive.

I remember walking out of the movie theater with my mom just speechless. I was confounded by the power of this scene, unsure how to process it. A man who hit the lowest of the lows, who commits suicide, to give his organs away to those he thinks deserves them more than he does. It was a very dark, sad, somber movie and that scene capped it off. The setting, a motel bathtub, terribly somber music, and the sound of just hearing him struggle in the bathtub as he dies by the jellyfish.

It made me think long and hard about life. It stills makes me think about it, the privileges and blessings I have been given to be where I am today. While it was just a movie, it has been ingrained into my memory. And you don’t have to commit suicide to change a life,  but it can be found in the little things you do.


One response to “One pound, Two pounds …. Seven pounds.”

  1. cmufan says :

    Oh yes, absolutely incredible. That has stayed with me ever since I saw it, too. What a film.

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